Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pictures Of Me

So I did a project based around my hair, here are some of them :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yet Another Shwayze Concert

Okay, I'll start from the beginning. I arrived early like usually to get a good spot, and while I'm walking up, who do I see unloading their belongings, Shwayze himself. lol I just asked for a hug and told him I'd see him inside, the man was busy I didn't want to overstep my boundaries. So, I moseyed along to the line and of course start mingling lol! And a few seconds later rolls up Cisco.....we exchanges heyyyy's as he made his way inside. Then a few moments later Shwayze rolls up from the bus, the new people I met were talking to him and what not, and asked for pictures. So I decided to get one to :)

So hours passed, the aching pain in my feet continued, then we were finally let in! Front row status of course lol. Boy oh BOY! These opening acts! Some were tolerable....but others the only thing I could say was "what the hell"! The first act I didn't even bother wasting memory card space, battery power, and energy. They were ridiculous, it was there first show so I commend there cougar, but it was just...mmm how can I put it..annoying....unnecessary.....and a mess!
Then follows another insane act. Some compared him to Mickey Avalon, I beg to differ. I like Mickey Avalon, I despise this character named Beardo. He was highly far from sober, high off of who knows what and he fell off the stage. It was just sloppy. I did take pictures of him though, only because I loved his hair :)

And then there was this girl....she was cool. Didn't blow me away, didn't rock my sock, didn't repulse me, just okay. She was pretty though, and I did like her style.

B.O.B. is when the opening acts took a good turn, mostly because of his gorgeous and talented guitarist. OMG! He played sooo well and was into what he was doing. His facial expressions said it all, I could really tell he enjoys what he does. The way he played was intriguing and his looks were just a plus lol. His smile ahhhhhhhhhh LOVED IT! I hope to see him again. Oh yea....B.O.B. was cool, I was annoyed by his first song, but once he brought his band out I began to enjoy his performance. Most of these pictures are of the guitarist...there may be one of B.O.B(he wasn't my main focus lol)

And last but we all know definitely not least...Shwayze and Cisco. What can I say, they ALWAYS deliver. Hopefully next time, he will recognize me again...and I'll be chillin with them around the city after the show. I love these guys, their music, but what really hits me is there humbleness. I don't think I would like them as much as I do if they were jerks full of themselves. The only thing that made me very upset is the fact little kids don't know how to behave and the show was cut. No goodbyes, no thank you for coming, just ambushed off the stage by security. Thats the only difference between the Cali and NY show, fool's not knowing how to act. SMH. But I still had a good time. I can NOT wait until November 3,2009 Let It Beat hits stores!And I will be supporting them and actually buying the CD :)