Monday, July 6, 2009

First Post of July....

July 4Th 2009

Unfortunately,at first I had to work this day....8:30 AM to freaking 5:00 time and half...just regular old pay. So I really had no bad feelings about wanting to go home early this day, especially due to the drive I had to take to LA. Sooo of course there went my begging and pleading to go home early to my favorite managers, and seeing as though they love me oh so much, I was off of Cinemark's premises by 1:00pm :D. The ride down to LA was smooth sailing, I was worried about traffic, but there was hardly any. Nothing too big happened this day, just spent it with the people I have fun with :)....We took a lovely trip to the beach, only to find it already closed. lol. There were fireworks of course...DUH!. Very amusing firework show I observed from a driveway lol...Most interesting thing was witnessing a tree catch on fire from a firework, it was quite sad.

Here goes pictures of the day...nothing to artsy once again, just pictures. I honestly need to get back into my photography work, I haven't just hopped in my car for a drive somewhere simply to take pictures in a while :-/