Tuesday, June 16, 2009

San Diego 2009

Boy oh Boy!!

Was this one irreplaceable...unforgettable...plain out fun trip. From being the cause of a car accident to being swallowed by a HUGE wave, this vacation was one of the best I've ever had. There were a few downers, I have like twelve bits from Lord knows what...in the beginning I didn't even want to go anymore because of how upset I was, and the biggest one of them all was this overrated overpriced fair. I guess, San Diego's County Fair is one of the largest, or some crap like that, but because of "certain circumstances", I was seriously not in the mood to be walking around a lot. I wanted to simply attend a movie...even the beach perhaps. However, when all was said and done, we ended up at this fair. Its rather amusing how one mishap provides the fun for what follows it..

So after we left this fair, we decided to go to the beach,which is were a few of us wanted to go from the get-go...but I'm sure it would not have been as fun if we didn't experience such misery at the beginning of the day. I can NOT express how much I enjoyed this outing. I simply LOVE the ocean, drifting out into the water until I can't touch the ocean floor anymore, getting taken over by a wave(but not being swallowed kind of scary), even tasting the salty water(I don't mind).I have had plenty of outings to the beach, but this one is the first in about 2 years were I've actually gotten into the water. I even enjoyed falling about five times, even though a good two out of the five of those falls was because I was pushed lol..but it was all in the name of FUN. The beach was actually the last stop before this San Diego get away was over, but it was surely a great ending. I actually just realized this was the best part of the trip because this was the first activity we ALL engaged in. So next trip we definitely have to invest in a hotel room, because other party's opinions wont matter, it will just be the six of us. :D

There are many other events that happened during this extravaganza, but lol I will just leave them out(hehe).

I've noticed I've just been saying we...so who might have accompanied me along this journey you may ask....the five people I can never hate, no matter how much they get on my nerves, no matter how much they make fun of how uptight I am, a good time and plenty of laughs is a guarantee with this bunch.
And who may these five people be....Amber, an older cousin of mine,her and I actually shared a first this weekend :)Her boyfriend,a new friend Jonathan whom I've nicknamed J-Dogg, this fool was sick but still came. Then there's Lashay and Josh, a newly found couple..Lashay is a friend of mine and Amber's bff and a person who just always CRACKS ME UP!!!. Its just constant laughter with her around. Josh....now Josh is an odd fellow lol jk I look at Josh as a big brother...I actually admire how calm he is in every situation,not matter how heart-racing it is...no high-blood pressure coming his way soon lol. Last but not least....Teron, the one person I share an abundant amount of arguments with. I have given each person a title...I cant think of one for him..we argue entirely too much to call each other friends, don't get me wrong, we do have our few moments of actually getting alone, but him and I don't have a title, were just Teron and Tyler lol. No matter, how much we argue or how much we fight, the Usual Six,wouldn't be the same without him.

Now for the pictures of this trip, there not too artsy like my others are, just taken to document the trip lol. They're in chronological order..from the first day on our trip to the last.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Long Boarding

Yesterday I took these photos of my friend long boarding. This sport...well if it is one, I'm not quite sure, is much different from the regular skateboarding. It requires you to use you entire body to move, not much kicking and pushing here buddy lol. Truly indulging oneself into the board creates such a smooth glide and such serene movement. In my opinion, long boarding is something one can chooses to engage in, in order to just get away for a while and enter a calming world, were as skateboarding is geared towards thrill-seeking, fast fun filled movement. I'm not speaking badly about either sport, but while observing both sports, this is just the vibe I received. Flow and movement is what long boarding is based around and the tricks that are perform in skateboarding is what results in viewers fascination. I personally would not partake in either....I'm too much of a klutz :]. A person has to be willing to get hurt...and I'm not.lol

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Way back in October of 2008, I wrote a poem titled Unfulfilled. While taking the pictures that are shown in the previous post, I noticed a picture that is a visual of the poem.

The poem and its visual:


Feelings unknown

Confusion caused.

No words fit to describe these unprocessed thoughts.

Its like an unquenched thirst

or an itch gone unscratched.

Otherwise known as Unfulfillment to be exact....



That's what I'm loosing myself to.

I constantly push for concealment of this oppression,

however the true disappearance is held in anther's possession.

Clearly knowing what

but unaware of who...

It is I can openly give myself to

or whom the answers to my problems is flowing through.


Slowly becoming absent of patience

with this situation before me.


Not fully confident my unsatisfied feeling

will ever be deceased.

While all is said and done

and time is slowly passing

fulfillment is still delaying...

and these unknown feelings are staying.


I received this book from my future school, School of Visual Arts, the book consisted of photos the graduates of 2008 took. There were two that stood out the most. One was of a young lady whom seemed to be frighten, what I liked most about the picture was what appeared to be sweat on her face and dripping from her hair. I didn't understand why her eyes resembled a deer in headlights, but the picture was still able to hold my attention. The other picture was a young women crying. I was not too fond of the lighting in the photo, but it was a very interesting picture. While studying it, I wondered who made her cry....why was she crying....what was the cause of such pain in her expression.

So after viewing these intriguing photos, I was inspired to take some myself, there actually quit different from the two that stuck out like swore thumbs in the bunch, but my inspiration for these photos was still brought forth by those two pictures.