Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In My Own Words

For my English class we had an assignment to translate one of the translations of a Sappho poem. Who is Sappho...mmm I honestly don't know. I should do so investigating on that. Any way, I am pretty darn proud of my translation. I really like to write poetry but it usually takes quite some time for me to write what I feel. But,with this it was so easy, perhaps because I was rewriting it. I still think i did a darn good job. So see for yourself...

The Original Translation
by Diane Rayor:
To me it seems
That man has the fortune of the gods,
Whoever sits beside you, and close,
Who listens to you sweetly speaking
And laughing temptingly;
My heart flutters in my breast,
Whenever I look quickly, for a moment—
I say nothing, my tongue broken,
A delicate fire runs under my skin,
My eyes see nothing, my ears roar,
Cold sweat rushes down me,
Trembling seizes me,
I am greener than grass
To myself I seem
Neding but little to die. But all must be endured, since.....

My Translation

Beautiful coated brown skin
captivating eyes
It seems as though this man,
This man sitting opposite of I
is as good as it gets, a god.
He speaks…
sweetly gracing my ears with the beauty of his voice
He laughs….
tenderly thrilling my ears with his laughter.
My stomach sinks.
I can’t speak.
Nerves take over
All while a rush of cold sweat glides down me.
I’m as pale as dying grass,
it seems that is my reaction to this man
But all must be endured.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Color Printing

This second semester of my freshmen year has been wonderful so far in terms of my photography work. My teach loves my series choice, which will be Those in Their Later Generations. My mom says its not nice to say "old people" so I had to spice up the title. Personally I want to title my series  Old People, just because its the truth. I would accompany a well written reason behind the title, in order to not seem so offensive, but I'll also discuss the title with my teacher.  So any who, aside from my series, I went back home over my winter break! Sunny California :) I of course went to the beach and took pictures. I also took pictures of my great grammy! I have contact sheets to show as well as actual prints! Only two actual print, like i said color printing is a complicated process.

My Final Black and White Portfolio

 Although I have started a new chapter of my life, which is color film and printing. I will not be forgetting about black and white.  There is no way I would be able to choose one over the other, both printing processes are difficult but, I love it them both equally! Here goes my final portfolio plus a few....


Narrative 1/3

Narrative 2/3

Narrative 3/3

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Far East Movement

I promised this girl, I met at the concert who was WILD about this group that I would post this video for her. I will have more to say later...... But for now here goes the Far East Movement:

Untitled from tyler Morgan on Vimeo.