Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My First Job.
Very fun first job :)

The Nightime Light

OMG! SO I never really take pictures at night because it's such an obstacle due to me not owning a tripod(YET). However, tonight the moon was just simply gorgeous, and it had these sheer thin clouds around it, which gave off quite a romantic feel. So as soon as I got home, I ran upstairs to my moms balcony, startled her a bit in the process lol. But any who, I wanted to make sure I could see the moon from the balcony, and you bet you bottom I COULD! Then, I went hunting for a prop to set my camera on to avoid the shake of my unsteady hands, and a random box did just the trick! So after some readjusting a few times, fiddling with the aperture and shutter speed, the end products are below. I wish the houses weren't in the way, but I am still proud of capturing the essence of the moons beauty.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Number 2 of David Hockney Project

This one was much more difficult:

This is an original by David Hockney:

David Hockney Project

During my senior year my Photo AP teacher had us do an assignment based around David Hockney's, a well known photographer, work. It's basically a collage. So for the assignment in class I did a few of these collages manually, I printed out different versions of one picture and made an abstract collage out of it. However today, i did all the same work, just on Photoshop. Its quite entertaining either way.

So here goes the first picture to the beginning of this David Hockney Project:

The Orignal photography by David Hockney:

There will be more to come....SOON.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Night Out On The Town...

A few days ago after work I hung out with a co-worker of mine. It was just major maxin' and relaxin' :)with my camera in hand of course. The place where this settle yet fun night took place was at a friend of his's garage. This garage was by far the most interesting hang out spot I have ever been introduced to.The decoration we just so random, I had to take pictures. lol. I was actually the only girl for a while...I love being around guys, its constant laughter...drama free...a grand time is just always promised. They danced, the smoked(only cigs of course), they sang, all while I sat back and watched. are some rather abstract pictures of the place:

The Most Decorative Table I've Laid Eyes On:


The Ones I Sepnt The Night With:

Ohh...The Curves and Shapes Smoke Can Create, Just Fascinates Me:

And My Favorite Picture Of The Night:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Opposites Attract

My very energetic, bubbly, and entertaining co-worker, Amber had observed some pictures I took of our fellow co-worker(Long-Boarding Post).In her words, she REALLY REALLY wanted me to take pictures of her and a friend of hers. The theme, per say, was "Opposites Attract". This was the best photo shoot I've done on train tracks, there was this train that had a lot of colorful tagging on it, great for a prop :) I don't commend tagging, but it worked in my favor, as many photographers know, color is very important.
I wanted to share the the pictures from the photo shoot sooo...
Here goes....!

Some Random Pictures

So I was just flipping through old photos, ones I've noticed I haven't paid much attention to....and welp today was the day they received my undivided attention :).

Some are from Grad Night, a very fun...tiring...treasueable night.

While one is from a photo shoot I did one day, and we decided to play with fire. Yeaaaa whos BAD! lol

And a few, I just adore the gorgeous colors the sky displaying.